Bring Jobs Home! Press Conference & Call To Action

Fort Smith, AR

July 7, 2012 10:00AM to 11:00AM

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Hosted by Jess Akers

Event Description

The outsourcing of jobs has spread from manufacturing to services and other sectors of the economy, devastating the working families and the communities surrounding Fort Smith, Arkansas. Working together with our allies, the Bring Jobs Home: America Wants to Work Campaign will use pending legislation in Congress to raise the public dialogue to make outsourcing a key factor during this event.

The official closing date of Whirlpool's plant in Fort Smith will be June 29. The plant, which once employed more than 4,000, has seen the workforce decline dramatically, in part becaue of movement of production to Mexico. The closure will mean a loss of 917 jobs.

We will use this as a forum to ask our Congressmen and Senators to help pass S. 2884/HR. 5542, raise awareness in the communities of the devastation of outsourcing and the steps that our elected officials can take to help BRING JOBS HOME.

Sponsored by:
State Federation
6400 Jenny Lind Road
Fort Smith, AR
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