Don't Push the 99% Over the Cliff!

Missoula, MT

November 13, 2012 12:15PM to 01:00PM

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Hosted by Mark Anderlik

Contact: 4065495931 x4

Event Description

We will meet with Sen. Tester staff and give them the message "No tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% ; and No cuts in benefits for Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare." Then we will march to Sen. Max Baucus' office (280 E. Front St.) with the same message. Then finally on to Rep. Dennis Rehberg's office (301 E. Broadway) where we will also deliver the same message. We will have signs for he event.

Sponsored by:
Central Labor Council
Local Missoula
130 W. Front St.
Missoula, MT

We are meeting on the sidewalk in front of Sen. Jon Tester's office.

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